Seal safari on Fanø

National Park Safari conducts seal safaris all 12 months of the year, but to ensure as safe and valid trips as possible, all times are not published until 5-7 days before the start of the month. Tide, wind and weather are three factors that determine the level of water in the Wadden Sea National Park, where the normal difference between high tide and low tide is 1.8 meters.

Send an sms on +45 20 10 87 17 and I will answer you quickly.

You will be professionally guided on a seal walk in the Wadden Sea National Park on Fanø, where we see gray seals and harbor seals in Denmark’s most magnificent nature. We can also see Whitetailed Eagle, peregrine falcons and infinitely large numbers of waders, which create the perfect setting for sustainable nature experiences. The seals and sea eagles live side by side and are both top predators in the Wadden Sea Ecosystem, which your guide will tell you about while we enjoy the sight of them.

Join the Seal Safari on Fanø

You register by sending a text message sms by phone +4520108717. WRITE DATE, TIME AND NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS IN the SMS. I then respond to You with a confirmation of the trip

Seats are booked when an SMS is sent, and DKK 200 / 30€ per participant over 13 years and DKK 25 / 4€ for each child under 14 years are paid on the Beach by cash.

The timetable is on the website, and be at the meeting place 5 min before the time. The trip lasts approx. 2 hours.

We start a seal safari 80 meters south of the descent on Sønderho Strand from Sønderho Strandvej, where I have a blue beach flag with a seal safari. Meeting place is the red dot on the map.

It will always be a little colder out at sea, so keep in mind that clothes that match the weather may include rubber-boots not less than 20 cm and warm clothing. To optimize the experience, beach sandals / beach shoes, binoculars and a camera are recommended, and look forward to a magnificent experience.

Calender for seal safari


23. April 19.00

24. April 09.00

25. April 20.00

26. April 09.00

27. April 10.00

28. April 10.00

30. April 16.00

2. May 17.00

3. May 08.00

4. May 08.00

5. May 19.00

6. May 08.00

9. May 08.00

10. May 09.00

11. May 19.00

12. May 08.00

15. May 17.00

17. May 18.00

18. May 07.00

19. May 07.00

26. May 20.00

1. June 19.00

2. June 07.00

3. June 19.00

5. June 08.00

7. June 09.00

8. June 09.00

12. June 16.00

15. June 06.00 & 18.00

16. June 18.00

18. June 19.00

20. June 08.00

22. June 20.00

23. June 08.00

25. June 09.00

27. June 14.00

29. June 18.00

30. June 06.00

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