Seal Safari Fanoe

On the seal safari in National Park Wadden Sea on Fanø you will be guided to the outer edge in order to watch Grey Seals and Harbor Seals in the most magnificent natural surroundings.


Eagle Safari Fanoe

Precisely because sea eagle safaris are an autumn and winter activity, very warm clothes are recommended, and of course binoculars and cameras..


National Park Wadden Sea

A trip around the southern most National Park Wadden Sea brings you close to bird species unlike any others in the world of birds.


National Park Thy

Here greatness goes hand in hand with the wildest, roughest natural surroundings Denmark can offer.


Wolf Safari

Wolf in the largest and most beautiful nature

NationalPark Safari

Guided tours, walks and safaris in Denmark’s national parks

My name is Søren Brinch and I am the guide and founder of National Park Safari. I guide curious and experience-ready people out into Denmark’s National Parks. I am the 17th generation in Sønderho, where my ancestors shaped and developed the old skipper town Sønderho.

As one of Denmark’s most experienced guides with more than 20 years of experience created on the basis of 50 years of passion for nature, I can guarantee you magical star moments in nature. I know exactly where nature and the animals show themselves from their most magnificent side.

Since the year 2000, I have guided more than 7500 people to unique nature experiences all over Denmark. My motivation is to see the light and joy in the eyes of my customers when they experience the most spectacular animals and birds in the wild nature.

Get ready for what you want to experience in nature, then I will make your dreams come true

I offer 5 different kinds of guided safaries in nature, as you see shown with pictures above. For all trips, it applies that I am contacted via sms or email, after which you will then get a quick response. You are very welcome to refrain from calling as I guide daily.

Seal safaris are planned with a detailed calendar, and you sign up as described under seal safaris. All other trips we jointly plan after your sms to me. These customized tours have a very limited number of participants, because these tours require a great deal of planning and discretion in nature.


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